1. Trend Adaptation: How do you incorporate the latest design trends into existing spaces without a complete overhaul? And what is your approach to blending new trends with a client’s existing aesthetic?

I like to incorporate the latest trends in accessories, such as pillows, candles, vases and smaller furniture items like side tables. I find that these items are easy to change out to follow the latest trends and are the most cost effective. I also think a rug and art can really help blend an existing aesthetic with the latest trends.

2. Sustainable Design: In an era where sustainability is increasingly important, how do you incorporate eco-friendly practices and materials into your designs?

The biggest way I incorporate eco friendly practices is with vintage wood and furniture. I always mix new with old. I love to shop for vintage finds while incorporating new, more modern items. For example, a custom sofa with a vintage coffee table and rug, with new pillows and art.

3. Small Spaces: What are your top strategies for maximizing functionality and style in small spaces? How do you tackle common challenges such as limited storage or lack of natural light?

Bigger is always better in small spaces. Most people think the opposite, but bringing in large art work and lighting can help make the space seem even larger and more open. A larger area rug is key as well. Mirrors really help with lack of natural light. And of course adding more pendant lighting. For limited storage, my go-to is a bed with storage!

4. Client Collaboration: How do you balance your professional design expertise with a client’s personal taste and lifestyle needs during a project?

I simply listen to my clients wants and needs and how they live. I then implement my design style focusing on that. I feel like every job I take on is a collaboration with my clients because I really do listen to what they love and how they live. Then incorporate a beautiful design that is suited for them.

5. Technology in Design: With technology evolving rapidly, how has it impacted your design process? Are there any specific technologies or software that have transformed the way you approach interior design projects?

I am not a huge tech person, of course Instagram and Pinterest are huge platforms that help me show my clients design ideas and help my clients show me what they like. The biggest tool I love to use while working on a project is “Shared Albums”. This allows both myself and my clients to send what we like about something and comment on it.

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